Brawlers Inc Clothing CoIt all started in 2009 with a custom made tee shirt created by founder Joe Moquin. The “Fall River Bottleneck Brawlers” tee was an instant hit and Joe soon found himself surrounded by people wanting one. He began selling them out of his car and at local hip hop shows. Joe wanted to develop a brand that he could expand outside of the city and Brawlers Inc. Clothing Co. was born.

The brand was created to be another voice for the local hip hop scene and the talented artists working to develop a name for themselves. Brawlers Inc. began promoting local artists and setting up shop at their performances. Joe’s tastes for punk rock and hip hop come together in the style of his clothing designs to pack a punch. All items are made personally by Joe. His shirts are limited edition prints, with usually only 25-30 of each design.

The local battle rap scene especially took a liking to the Brawlers Inc. brand and Joe met Lingo, the leader of the Providence, RI based Grind Mode Cypher movement. This led to Brawlers Inc. Clothing Co. becoming the official sponsor of Grind Mode Cypher. In 2013 Brawlers Inc. Clothing Co. sponsored The High-95 Tour, an independently funded hip hop tour from Florida to Rhode Island.

Over the past 5 years the Brawlers Inc. brand has expanded and printed up hundreds of styles of tee shirts and merchandise. Joe still works by himself, handling every aspect of the business from the design and printing of the shirts, to working the merch tables at local shows.

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