Block McCloud | (WHISTLER/OBELISK) ft. Blacastan & Krumbsnatcha

Disturbia Music Group And Vertygo Films Presents:

Book Of Ishmael: The Forward

The Whistler
Featuring Blacastan (AOTP) and Krumbsnatcha (Gangstarr)
Produced by Mogli

The Obelisk
Featuring Blacastan (AOTP)
Produced by Delorian (DLR)

The Forward- Block teams up with his partner BLACASTAN (Army Of The Pharaohs) and KRUMBSNATCHA (Gang Starr) to bring you:

The Whistler, A tough as nails yet melodic depiction of what happens when you cross these Lyrical Mercenaries..The beat by MOGLI, an up and coming young producer from Spain, carries a Dark Whistle sample that gets entrenched in your subconscious immediately, bringing with it images of “Killers on a murderous tour” who will “visit your tomb then walk away whistling this tune”!

The Obelisk features Block and Blacastan doing what they do best, Overdosing you with with Lyrical Visuals of a Post Apocalyptic world run by who else but The Army of Pharaohs, their Super MC Collective, over a RZA type Banger produced by Delorian. When it comes to his signature “Deadly Melody” hooks, and prophetic “End of Days” verses, Block does not disappoint his cult of followers and fans.

This is Blocks Directorial Debut in partnership with Vertygo Films and the first of 3 videos/EPs to be released from his upcoming highly anticipated solo full length album, The Book Of Ishmael. For Info and Booking contact:
Management: Fresh Jones / 508.860.3731/

Special Shout out to Everyone involved in the making of the video, all my friends who took part and played their perfect part in the video itself, Thank you to Vertygo for his direction of the “Director” and his guidance. And of course Blacastan and Krumbsnatcha for there skills.

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