Peter Piffen – Cant Take A Joke Video

#CantTakeAJoke .. Produced by Lost Hope Music .. Engineered by Larry Ohh .. Shot by Greene Films

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Verse 1
Class act from the get
Yea its that kid that they use talk about
Like he wont be shit
But some shit is thee shit
to Other pieces of shit
its me that ur gonna regret
Mind set
Is that my demonds wont fight for any angles
Ropes are hung just enough not to stangle
In Vain i speak through my teeth
tryin not fly of the handle
Im an aminal whos candle has burnt out
ill be damned if i let u categorize me
cuz i smoke weed
In for a hella surprise
Cuz I’ve been doin this for me
So wen they see me at the top like they dont want me to be
Then get mad
cuz my middle fingers all that they see
N in like

I been high i been low
Ive been gone Ill been back
N i watch em get mad
And i laugh
“Fuck em if they cant take a joke” x2
Lifes to short to ever look back
It can never really be that bad so
“Fuck em if they cant take a joke” x2

Verse 2
My ceilings high got no miget friends
Most of these bitches is birds
Outta the pigeon pen
Mircle whippin this cake
But cant get it to stack
I can have my cake n cant eat it
Wut kinda shit is that
I keep sayin im hungry
Ive only ever been skinny
i Hope the next time you see me that ill be fat
No typo
imma let my nuts hang low
im Done bein brief under wear my trophies shud go
Im in the fire
n haters got me way passed stoked
No hilter
thatd be a holocost joke
I gotta em chockin on previous thoughts
Fuck fuckin your mind im fuckin your face
Till it’s numb like your pillow was full of coke
Awake like a heathen
Hopin for change
Keepin pennies for no reason
N i was Lookin for gods blessin
But all i got was sneezin
So fuck em if they cant take a joke


Verse 3
For music i do wut ever it takes
Been a loner for as long as i can think
Im a real cool dude
So it ironic that i love snakes
Self serve imma fill up the plate
N Even tho i usually waste most of it anyway
I still need more
its crazy
Some people never been poor
I wanna be rich
don’t give a fuck about the fame no more
Im thinkin dudia
not los angeles yall
N Ever sense i placed value on myself
They started noticing me
But i notice nobody else
All i do is see weed
N everybody wanna help
So the jokes on you
U just haven’t figured it out
I Smile at the bank teller shes handin me racks
She askin me wut i do
I tell her her from the back
She tried to tell me im rude
I say im sorry u mad …
So Fuck her if she can’t take a joke